Local Delight: Laksa and Ngoh Hiang


Local Delight: Laksa and Ngoh Hiang


  • Level: Novice
  • Days: 0.5 Day
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Method: Hands-on, Pair Work

This course takes you through all the recipes, techniques, tips and tricks so that you can recreate your beloved local treats in the comfort of your own home next time instead of buying from the hawker stalls. With the knowledge you’ve gained, you can go on to make your own tweaks to the classic recipes to craft the perfect dish to satisfy your cravings!

Course Outline:

  • Practice and process ingredients for laksa and its sambal
  • Practice and process ingredients for ngoh hiang

Recipes you’ll learn:

  • Laksa 
  • Ngoh Hiang

Additional Details:

  • Fees include all training materials and ingredients
  • Participants will take home products made during the course
  • Takeaway boxes will be provided according to products made. Additional boxes requested are chargeable 
  • All ingredients are pre-weighted. Additional weighing of ingredients may be required during class.
  • Please refer to Terms & Conditions / FAQ Page for more information

No Funding is available for this course. If you would like to find classes that are Funded, please click here.


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