Creative Bread Making

Creative Bread Making


  • Level: Novice
  • Days: 0.5 Day
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Method: Hands-on, Pair Work

Flour, water, yeast and salt. Four ingredients to create some delicious bread. It’s time for your child to unleash his/her inner baker in this Creative Culinaire course designed for the juniors! This time, you’ll get to taste their yummy and adorable caterpillar and fish bread that they’ve made from scratch while learning the basic skills to make bread

Course Outline:

  • Learn basic food and hygiene preparation 
  • Prepare to make bread from scratch 
  • Practice shaping and moulding bread 
  • Learn life baking and kitchen etiquette

Recipes you’ll learn

  • Caterpillar Bread
  • Fish Bread

Additional Details:

  • Fees include all training materials and ingredients
  • Participants will take home products made during the course
  • Takeaway boxes will be provided according to the products made. Additional boxes requested are chargeable
  • All ingredients are pre-weighted. Additional weighing of ingredients may be required during class.
  • Please refer to Terms & Conditions / FAQ Page for more information

No Funding is available for this course. If you would like to find classes that are Funded, please click here.


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