Traditional Nasi Gurih Stuffed Chicken

Traditional Nasi Gurih Stuffed Chicken


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Juicy and flavorful, who else loves a stuffed chicken? Learn to bake the perfect chicken, stuffed with Turmeric Fried Rice and Indonesia Spices to serve during dinner with your friends! During the course, you will learn how to handle a raw chicken, how to debone it while keeping it whole, the different functions of ingredients and spices. You will also be able to take home a baked chicken, in time for dinner.


  • Nasi Gurih Stuffed Chicken
  • Meat Rollade
  • Baked potatoes
  • Two types of sauce


  • 18 Feb, 1pm to 5pm
  • 19 Feb, 1pm to 5pm

About Chef Roy: 

Born and raised in Indonesia into a Christian family background with good family values was the foundation of understanding the importance of food within the family environment.

Roy had a passion for food, since his childhood, he was shown by his mother the art of cooking where he learned not only these skills but the ambition to learn and develop further.

In 2003 Roy graduated from Bogor Hotel Institute, Indonesia, starting his early career in the hospitality sector. His background, since his youth has always been connected to the hospitality trade, with experience in front of house, office and kitchen, achieving relevant qualifications along his career path.

As an experienced Chef, Roy is highly resourceful, flexible, and motivated with an enduring passion for cooking. He clearly understands that a successful business is one that is efficient in using its resources to make a profit.

Roy’s attitude at work has always been to focus and enjoy challenges. In recent years he has enjoyed teaching classes of students eager to learn cooking and presentation skills, starting several small businesses branching out as an entrepreneur.

Throughout his journey in life, Roy has always had an open mind to learning cuisine from different nations, encompassing new and exciting ideas from around the globe. Traditional recipes are carefully passed down from one generation to the next, Roy feels that these are an expression of cultural identity, sharing those recipes can be a source of pride and a simple way to celebrate one’s cultural heritage with others.

Roy believes that food has a symbolic meaning all around the world. By sharing a meal, everyone taps into a source of deep connection, no matter the language barrier.

He truly believe, if you have a genuine interest and passion for something in life, you will excel in your future ambitions.

Additional Details
  • Fees include all training materials and ingredients
  • Participants will take home products made during the course
  • Takeaway boxes will be provided according to the products made. Additional boxes requested are chargeable
  • All ingredients are pre-weighted. Additional weighing of ingredients may be required during class.
  • Please refer to Terms & Conditions / FAQ Page for more information

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