Bread [Module 2]

Bread [Module 2]


  • Level: Professionals
  • Days: 5 Day
  • Duration: 45 hours
  • Method: Hands-on, Assessment

This course is FULLY-BOOKED

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Take a deep dive into the art and science of bread making as you learn the foundations of both Asian and Artisan breads. Within the 5-day course, the Creative Culinaire will teach you all there is to know about Bread, from the science of ingredients as well as the art of crafting your own bread recipes. At the end of it, you put all that you’ve learnt to the test in a theory and practical assessment and you’ll be deemed ready to embark on the journey of being a Professional in the Art and Science of Bread.

Course Outline

  • Understand the technical terms and concepts:
    • Baker’s percentage
    • Protein level
    • Ash level
    • Falling numbers
    • Moisture level
    • Friction factor
    • Maillard reaction
  • Exploring key characteristics of ingredients (flours, water, pH, yeast, enriching ingredients)
  • Types and functions of ingredients used in bread making e.g. bleached, unbleached flours, organic flours, types of yeasts, etc.
  • Importance of temperature as a controlling factor for texture, flavour, rate of fermentation and how to control the temperature of ingredients in order to achieve the desired dough temperature 
  • Gluten development, kneading techniques and understand when a dough is fully developed
  • Understanding fermentation, retardation and proofing processes
  • Incorporating flavour into breads using artisan methods eg pate fermentee and commercial methods
  • Art of making soft Asian buns
  • Advantages and disadvantages of direct and indirect / preferment methods
  • The art of making soft buns with and without bread improvers and the choices available for the commercial bakery 
  • Understand what an artisan bread is and what are the ingredients needed to make a crusty European bread with a crisp crust
  • Understand the process of fermentation and proofing and how they affect the final product. 
  • Techniques and processes in shaping ,proofing and retardation  
  • Oven control and baking techniques
  • Difference between different systems of bread production e.g direct vs preferment, Asian vs Western breads
  • Asian Tang Zhong methods, and Western Crusty breads 
  • Incorporation of healthier ingredients
  • Art and Science of sourdough breads
  • Shaping techniques, scoring and creation of recipes 
  • Storage and shelf life for breads 

Additional Details

  • Fees include all training materials and ingredients
  • A Certificate of Accomplishment will be given upon completion of each module
  • Participants will take home products made during the course
  • Takeaway boxes will be provided according to products made. Additional boxes requested are chargeable 
  • All ingredients are pre-weighted. Additional weighing of ingredients may be required during class.
  • Please refer to Terms & Conditions / FAQ Page for more information

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